Safelink Wireless is available in Alabama. If we are live there, we can try to get this free cell phone. The general requirement of service of the Safelink Wireless can be got in Alabama.

The Service

The service which we will get from Safelink Wireless in Alamabama is three data plans. The first one is the package which consists of 68 minutes of free call. Besides that, the text message is counted as one minute when we have seen three. Then, when our free call has run out, we can get carryover plan which available to be bought. We also can get free long distance and international call. We will be able to use the voice mail service and call waiting one for free. The second free package is quite the same. The different is in the free call, which we can get is about 125 minutes. One text message is counted as one. Then, the carryover is available in this package. Free voice mail and call waiting service can be got. The third plan from the Safelink Wireless is not too different. The free call from the package is more than the others. We can get 250 minutes free call and one text message as one minute from this package. However, in this package, we cannot add more minute by buying package when it runs out. In this package, the other free service is still available.


The Program based application for Safelink Wireless

When we choose to select the program based application, we should have done the public assistance. The public assistance programs that will help to get Safelink Wireless are Federal Public Housing Assistance, Food Stamps, Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, Social Security Income, National School Lunch, and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families and also Medicaid. Find out more at

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