New and veteran bettors alike know that betting is not simply a matter of luck. The best and most successful bettors out there do not get to the top by relying on luck alone, but rather certain strategies that help them gain advantage against the bookmarker and increase their chance in winning. Indeed, there is actually a way to reverse the role and give bettors the advantage in online betting that is not at all impossible for you to do. The secret is to stop being a regular bettor, and start being an advantage player.


Advantage players are the bane of many gambling companies, as they are the ones who only bet when they are sure that the odds are in their favor. Instead of betting as often as possible without any rationale behind their bets, advantage players are able to take their time to find bets where the bookmarker has negative advantage. This is what many people who are now able to make a living from betting on sports are doing, as when they stop making -EV bets they can now make better decisions on what or who to bet.

EV, or Expected Value, is arguably the most important thing bettors have to know if they want to step up their betting game. When it comes to online sports betting, each wager you are making has a certain expected value, be it positive, negative, or even neutral expected values. An advantage player only places their bet when the expected value of their wager is positive. To find the maximum possible value, remember to always line shop and do careful calculations to find a better line. If you are ready to become an advantage player, head over to and put your newfound knowledge to use!


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