Not all manga are designed for the teens or adult readers, even there are genres for kids to read Manga, and one of them is called as kodomo genre. Actually, kodomo genre is also able to be read by teens or older. Kodomo commonly has funny and light stories. Although not all of them tell about the daily life, the kodomo with fiction genre is still understandable and funny.


The main feature that is very stunning in the kodomo genre is the simple drawing. Unlike the action or mecha manga that has detail drawing and difficult to follow, the kodomo genre is very simple, with color block without gradation, and the main characters in the comic are also kids.

Examples of kodomo manga

  • Kobo-chan

Kobo-chan tells about a boy named Kobo Tabata. He is 5 years old and lives with parents, grandma and grandpa, and his uncle. The main stunning aspect known in Kobo-chan is that he is afraid of the dentist. This manga is authored by Masashi Ueda

  • Shin-chan

Shin-chan tells about a mischievous 5-year-old boy. He lives with parents, his younger sister, and a dog. I8t is told that he is very naughty up to the point he is too often being scolded by his mom. Despite his mischievousness, he is very funny as well.

  • Pokemon

The main character in the Pokemon is a yellow monster with an electrical tail. Pokemon tells about the rivalry among monsters which are kept in a red-white ball. With his owner, Pikachu, has the adventure and should compete against the other monsters.

  • Chibi Maruko-chan

Unlike above character who is dominated by boy character, Chibi Maruko-chan tells about an elementary school girl named Maruko. The story is very close to the daily life elementary school girl in actual.


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