Have you ever heard the Hoverboard, a levitating board which has been too long to become the prototype? Now it is literally real, in the real world. As you see in the Back From The Future II and III, we saw the Hoverboard without the wheels floating in the air.

In last years ago, a claim came from a new start up, “Hendo”, produced the first Hoverboard in the world. yes, like we have seen from the recently uploaded video, this floating board has been here. Hendo Hover makes our dream come true.

How does it work?

It is powerful when you see different engines placed underneath of the board that can produce a magnetic field. It can travel at 15mph and can run on the one inch above the ground.

Last time we heard the skateboard prototype as a hoax thinking it can float on the ground just like a future vehicle we always imagine.

How Do They Work?

This electronic skateboard has few basic components including a gyroscope that functionaries to balance the machine, motors that enable the board to move forward and balance also the microprocessors which will manage the output of the motor. The last component will be, of course, this has batteries.

So, if you are just thinking about buying a toy that can keep you alive in your last imagination, this board might help and fulfil your desire to play. At the moment, we cannot see this floating board floating on the air just like we see in the superhero movies. Somehow, the video goes viral and we are interested in giving it a try. Then why does this become so popular today? It is just simply when pop stars like Justin Bieber, Nick Jonas, and Kendal Jenner play it at home. That’s the thing that works. Apart from that, we are loving this board.

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