Assurance Wireless

Assurance Wireless is the one of the operators of Lifeline Assistance cell phone carries which is available in United States. This operator has been known as the most growing national Lifeline Assistance of cell phone and the second largest one in the United States. The Assurance Wireless is the government program in providing free cell phone around 29 states and in the District of Columbia. The free cell phone operator is controlled by Virgin mobile, the second supplementary to Sprint Nextel.

What we get from Assurance Wireless

When we get Assurance Wireless program, we will get free cell phone service. However, the service is only for eligible users. Then, if we can get 250 minutes for local and long distance call for free every month. The free minutes can be added with $5 for 250 minute call package. It will be able to be bough when we have used the 250 minute free call does not enough. Besides the $5 additional call service package, we can get $20 for 750 minute call and it is including 1,000 text messages. Those additional packages are available every month. If we do not want to buy the package, we can pay for 10 cents for every minute. If we are kind of people who are texting more than calling, we should buy the text message package. We can buy additional text message package with $5 for 200 text messages. Otherwise, we can buy 10 cents for every text message we send or receive without buying the package.

The program of the Assurance Wireless is very useful for the one who needs cell phone and the service with affordable price. Besides that, it is government program is designed to be used for the eligible users. Click here.

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