Poker, be it poker online or offline, is a game that requires an incredible amount of focus as well as the ability to keep a cool head even when you are under pressure. A lot of poker players, including professional poker players who are able to make thousands of dollars from a single game alone, will not hesitate to tell you that in many cases, the ability to keep your emotions in check during a game of poker online is even more important than the cards you have in your hands. If you are unable to keep your cool, then chances are you would tilt very easily, and start playing poorly without being able to strategize to increase your chance of winning the game.

While it is true that you cannot avoid tilting in poker online a hundred percent of the time, there are still ways where you can help subdue yourself from the temptation of tilting after a bad game or two. Simply follow these few tips below to start!

  • The easiest way you can subdue yourself when you feel your emotions taking over you is to step back from your computer and your poker online game, and take deep breaths to calm yourself. You might want to visualize something relaxing or giving yourself a pep talk to balance your emotions and bring back your focus.
  • If the above step does not work, then you might want to get up and leave your computer for a while to do something else to take your mind out of your bad beats. You can make a cup of tea or grab your favorite snack, or you can even do any housework like drying dishes or taking out the trash that you might have neglected before if you want to!



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