bariatric sleeve

Inevitably, if people who obsessed in weight loss will take weight loss surgery because they never found successful in dieting and exercising. Whilst, they want to get weight loss quickly and get their confidence again. therefore, people may take the weight loss surgery to solve their problems in weighting. Because It will change the anatomy of a gastrointestinal tract and will make the change in an energy balance and fat metabolism. The result is It can reduce hunger and appetite and increase feelings of fullness. Besides, weight loss surgery have benefits for people such as:


  1. Weight loss

Most of the people who have taken this surgery can lose their weight for 16 to 36 kg. If the surgery is done by the right procedures.

  1. Can improve health

A Weight loss surgery may improve health and reduce diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and sleep apnea.

  1. You will get a quality life

Some of the people may get depression when having an overweight because they won’t be confident in socialising. But with a quicker way to lose weight such as weight loss surgery, they will lose their weight quickly.


Risks of the weight loss surgery

Every surgery has its risks so that before you take weight loss surgery, you can consider learning the risks of the weight loss surgery.

  • Complication,

Complication included infection, blood clots in the lungs, Bleeding, anesthesia, leaks in a gastrointestinal system and even death but it very small occur.

  • Excess skin
  • Stomal stenosis is a condition when the hole is connecting the stomach pouch to the small intestine becomes narrowed and will be blocked by a piece of the food.
  • Longer term risks included malnutrition ulcers, bowel obstruction, gallstones, hernias, dumping syndrome and vomiting.


Where can I find an affordable weight loss in Mexico?

It very simple question, with BMS or bariatric Mexico surgery in Mexico, you can get affordable weight loss surgery. It has an experiencing doctors and staffs and one of the doctors offers multiple treatment options for you in losing weight permanently such as gastric bypass, gastric sleeve surgery, gastric sleeve plication, mini gastric bypass surgery and duodenal switch, It also provide a customized approach to your needs including gastric sleeve, single incision, and lap band surgeries. With BMS, you will be comfortable and safe because the doctors will take you care as well. and also, help you in recovering time and provide less low costs unlike another country like the USA.

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