So, you are thinking about switching to an electronic cigarette instead of staying with the regular cigarette. You know that the electronic cigarette offers more benefits but you are still doubtful whether you should really commit to leaving the cigarette and turn to the electronic type. Well, don’t worry, there are more reasons why the e juice is considered better than the old-school tobacco.

Lime Pie

The Basic Advantages

So, what to expect from the electronic liquid, anyway?

  • It has flavors. Unlike the regular cigarette that is pretty tasteless, the electronic cigarette comes with various types of flavors. The flavors will definitely add the enjoyment and the vaping experience. Not to mention that they leave a very nice sensation inside the mouth that lingers for a while. You can choose various types, from fruity to chocolate or other unique taste.
  • You won’t have to deal with any yellowish fingers. Unlike the tobacco and the nicotine content that usually leaves the nasty brownish and yellowish stain, you can keep yourself clean with the electronic cigarette. More importantly, you don’t have to experience any yellow fingers anymore.
  • You don’t have to deal with bad smell or odor anymore. The most common problem with the regular cigarette is the distinctive bad odor. Well, with the electronic cigarette and the fresh flavors, you can even smell nice and pleasant. No more fowl stench that is usually associated with smoking cigarette
  • The liquid is cheaper when compared with the regular cigarette pack. A bottle of the electronic liquid can last for more than 2 weeks. When you buy a pack, it is most likely that it will be gone in one or two days – and they both have the same price!

You don’t have to worry about the toxins. In the electronic liquid, you may find a small amount of nicotine but that’s about it. No more carbon monoxide. No more tar. No more arsenic and other dangerous substances.


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