Everyone wishes for a long life and healthy condition. Everyone wants to be healthy and fit – and mostly, to stay away from any ailments for as long as they live. However, if you are being careless and you don’t really watch out what you do, consume, or implement, it is more likely that you may suffer from the health issues. After all, your body isn’t a machine. If you fail to pay a proper attention to it, you will suffer from a particular issue – or even more than one.

The Usage of Preservative

Everyone knows consuming foods with preservatives won’t be good for your health? But what if the preservatives are natural – even safe for consumption? What if the natural preservative itself is extracted from the natural substance too? Surely it would be safe to consume – especially when it is combined with the healthy foods.


Carrageenan is the natural preservative that is extracted from the red algae, which is believed to have so many good and positive health benefits. Aside from the fact that carrageenan can create a rich foamy texture and improve the taste of the foods, it is also safe and natural. If you want to, you can consume it without having to worry about any side effects or risks.

The Risk Factor

However, there has been an increasing concern that carrageenan may be responsible for several digestive problems, especially colon cancer. It is even claimed that carrageenan is a type of carcinogen that will increase the chances of cancerous cells to develop inside the body. The possibility of Carrageenan side effects is increasing.

However, based on the scientific research and experiment, it is known that it is not carrageenan that is responsible for all those health issues. It is the poligeenan, another type of carrageenan string that can create health problems when used in a prolonged exposure.



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