Many of detective movies show that DNA testing is used for big things like revealing the real killer or finding the lost child. No wonder that you think that doing the test is a big deal while in fact, it is not necessarily so. Whether the result will be used for something special or not, it depends on your purpose of doing that. But, there is thing that is obvious, both at home or legal DNA testing can show you the secrets of your life, and this is cool!


If you live with your family since the day you were born until now, you will know exactly who your mother and father is. However, do you know who is your grandparents and grand grandparents are? Well, it is something interesting to know about. Who knows you are a family member of a well-known person. Let’s see some other cool things DNA testing will tell you:

Map your family tree

From DNA testing, you can figure out who you are. Besides, you are also able to draw your family tree, starting from the lowest who is you and going up to your parents, then your grandparents, your grand grandparents, and so on. From here, you may find your nephews or cousins that you never meet before. Pssst, the family tree shows who deserve the family’s inheritance, too. Probably it is you.

Lose your weight

What??!! There is totally no correlation between DNA testing and losing weight! Yes, there is no relation between the DNA and your weight. But, you have to know that DNA shows everything about you, from parents to health. The type of metabolism and tendency to lose or gain weight can be seen through your genes. By knowing it, you know what to do to avoid obesity and live a healthier life, don’t you?

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