Carrageenan refers to linear sulfated that taken from the extracts of red algae. This seaweed is classified into iota, kappa, and lambda carrageenan. It is one of the most common ingredients in many foods. There are a number of purposes that it serves like binding, thickening, stabilizing and gelling. Carrageenan is found in ice cream, salad dressing, cheese, and pudding. It is used with dairy products with milk proteins. In this article, you will read about how carrageenan is used.

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How is carrageenan used?

Carrageenan is worked well with other common kitchen ingredients and it offers a smooth texture. The taste that blends well and it will not affect the flavor. It is found in powder that is hydrated in liquid before being used. This powder will be sprinkled in cold liquid and also blended well to dissolve. In hot liquids, it will be melted directly.

Both Iota and Kappa carrageenan will be dispersed in cold water with the help of a blender. You can premix the carrageenan with the other dry powder ingredients in the three parts of sugar by weight. Lambda carrageenan dissolves in cold liquids. To use lambda carrageenan powder you have to add the powder to the desired liquid and then blend to thicken.

The carrageenan solution needs to be heated and then completely hydrated. Increase the amount of calcium available to make the gel stronger and allow the gels at a higher temperature and lower concentration. The gels are more elastic, dry and provide excellent stability.

Carrageenan is ideal for food additives. They have a range of gelling and emulsifying properties that range from a soft to a brittle gel. It is good at keeping chocolate in suspension. The seaweed is dried and air drying or using rotary dryers and exported to the USA for processing.


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