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There are some people out there who constantly try to enjoy new things. There are also some people out there who constantly need energy boosts. I am one of the few who combine those passions.

It is not that I like the taste of different energy drinks. I am always in need of a boost due to my tiring professional life. However, I always try to find the perfect energy drinks because none of them is just right. Sometimes, the drinks are tasteless. Sometimes, they do not even provide the energy they promise. Therefore, I kept trying to search for the perfect packs of energy drinks before I found Moonshot.

The flavor

The flavor made me deeply in love with the drinks. My favorite flavor is Coconut Pineapple. I give the flavor six stars out of five if it is possible. However, this does not mean that I only like the particular flavor. For me, every variety of Moonshot is worth tasting like it is a serious beverage instead of merely cans of energy drinks.

The natural energy drinks contain 30% of juice. Can you imagine? It is 30%, not 5% or 10%. It is very rich in nutrients. No wonder does the taste make everybody loves it. Therefore, each single flavor will not taste the same. The difference is not slight either. Each flavor tastes unique and it is exactly like the description of its advertisement.

Sour Apple is my second favorite. It tastes like real sour apple instead of energy drinks with sour apple flavoring. What is better is that we know that the taste is real. It is not our brains which try to deceive us because the flavors are not artificial.

The other flavors are also distinguishable and definitely enjoyable. They have different flavors for different people. They have Tart Cherry, Orange Grapefruit, Honey Peach, and Lite Pomegranate. It is as if we are drinking healthy juice instead of energy drink!

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