These days, serving a cup of coffee to a large number of people is highly profitable because of their passion for the drink. This kind of situation can be easily found in cafés or restaurants that offer coffee in their menu list. Though, it would be nice if you can have the business itself; not just the ones who work in there. However, many people think that opening a mini café will cost a lot of money, especially buying the machines that are used to brew a cup of coffee.

Starting a Café with a Small Budget

Apart from the fact above, the reality is different. It is very to start opening a café without spending too much in getting professional equipment. Today, you can get a set of personal coffee-making equipment that does not cost that much. This set already includes a coffee roaster (เครื่องคั่วกาแฟ), a coffee grinder, and a coffee maker. Even though they are intended for home users, they are also capable of being used extensively every day. These coffee-making machines are now already available on the internet, including Linlin, a Thai shop that provides only the best equipment.

How to order them

If you are not used to buying things online, this simple guide will help you doing it. First, open the website and then choose the products that you wish to have. After putting everything inside the shopping cart, you can go to the checkout menu to see the total price that you need to pay and specify your address. For those who are living outside of Thailand, Linlin sends its products to many other countries around the world. For those inside the country, payment can also be done to the delivery courier when the package comes.

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