What would you do to maintain your health? As a health junkie, you know the answer. Eating properly and do some exercises are the keys to having a better life. However, it is not as easy as you think. Searching and gathering information about healthy foods are a little bit complicated. You might have to deal with the false information and rumor. The latest issue among the healthy living enthusiast is carrageenan cancer. Some people believe that carrageenan is not safe at all. This health scare does not make sense at all. You need to find the real information before making a conclusion. What is the point of following the false rumor?

  • Forget the Rumor

gIs there any way to have a healthier lifestyle? Is it possible to be a healthier person when everything is dangerous? Here is the key: just forget the rumor and stick to the statement of the experts. The Joint FAO/WHA Expert Committee on Food Additives or JECFA states that the use of carrageenan in food products and the other products is safe. There are two types of carrageenan: the food grade carrageenan and poligeenan. The one that should be avoided is poligeenan. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about carrageenan. The rumor of carrageenan cancer is not true at all. Carrageenan is beneficial for our lives.

There are some advantages of carrageenan. First, this food ingredient gives perfect texture for products. Carrageenan makes your yogurt and tofu smooth and well textured. This food additive is also found in the other products as dairy products, processed meat, and powdered beverages. In addition, carrageenan extends the product’s shelf life. When we are able to maintain the life span of the foods, we can transport them to the other areas with limited food supplies. With all the benefits, we can say thank you to carrageenan. There is no point of believing the rumor of carrageenan cancer.



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