If you think often take your cell phone for granted, you may want to consider other people who may not be as lucky as you. There are many people out there that consider a cell phone as a luxury because they simply can’t afford the device or the maintenance fee that comes along with the device. If you know anyone who can benefits from such a free cell phone program from the government, you may tell them to visit the official website at http://www.discoverlifeline.com/safelink-wireless/

The Idea of a Free Phone

Basically, giving out a free phone isn’t something new – at least not to the government program. The program started around 20 years ago where the government would provide a free landline to those who needed it. But now, considering the development of technology and how a cell phone can benefit a lot of people, the program has changed. The change is slowly done and implemented from providing free landline phone to the more modern cell phone.

Of course, there are some certain requirements that you need to follow if you are interested in having one. You need to come from a very poor family background. If your income is considered too low below the standard, it is most likely that you will get the phone. The government will need a proof of your financial disability and they will definitely check the documentation that you have provided.

The Flaws

Unfortunately, the program hasn’t been set as a national program which means that not all states have such policy and implementations. Consider yourself lucky if you live in the area with this free phone program but if you don’t, then you are out of luck. Hopefully, the program will implement nation-wide and cover all states. In the meantime, you need to check which states cater to such program and which aren’t.



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