If we want to have our garden more colorful and unique, this awesome rainbow tree can be a good choice for us. This tree has a special thing than the other trees. We usually look a colorful flower or fruit. However, now we will give the beautiful performance of a trunk. What a wonderful and unique one. This tree has a colorful trunk like a rainbow. It is so beautiful. This is not painted by someone. This is a natural color made by the tree. Let’s get to know more detail about this rainbow tree.



This tree name is actually Eucalyptus Deglupta. However, most people know the tree as Rainbow Eucalyptus. The natural rainbow colours of the trunk comes from the bark which is peeled off. The barks of the tree are often peeled off but the peeling of each barks do not happen at the same time. When the outer bark falls down, we will see the inner layer look so green. Then, the layer will become darker and the new bark will appear. The new bark will change into many colour like a rainbow. It is so wonderful, right?

This beautiful tree also has white flowers on it. If the flowering time comes, the tree will look more beautiful. The flowers are usualy in cluster. So the tree will look like a tree with a white clouds on it. We can see this tree in parks or gardens in tropical or subtropical areas. This tree can give a wonderful beauty and a great shade for all visitors to enjoy.


If we live in tropical or subtropical areas, we can also plant it in our garden. This tree can’t live in the cold weather. Want to buy Rainbow Eucalyptus seeds? Then choose a spot in our garden that gets full sun. We will not find any difficulities to care the tree. It is an easy tree to care of.

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