The function of the obituary template is to make the death announcement arranged perfectly. It is because we cannot miss some info or some people who have to be mentioned on the obituary. We should make the obituary become the best information about the death person and also the funeral ceremony.

The content of the obituary

The template of the obituary is divided into few parts, from the death announcement, the life of the death person, the family member information, the funeral service and the closing. Those sections should be written in that order. Most of the data which are mentioned are the vital and general. The date and the place should not be mistaken when it is mentioned. Then, the family members should be mentioned the right order. The order will be depended on the family tree. If some people are in the same status, they are ordered based on the date of birth.

The template should be the guide of making obituary. If we write obituary, we can lose some columns of they are not needed. We should be able to sort the column into two parts; they are the important and the not too important part. Then, we can make appropriate obituary.

The good things of the obituary

Obituary is kind of very important. It becomes the place where the family member announces the death of their family member to other people. Some of their family member may not be in the same city. Then, they may need to announce it officially to the colleagues and friends. It is needed because the family may be busy to prepare about the funeral. Besides that, not all family members will know all the friends or colleagues of the death person. Thus, it is quite essential to make the obituary.

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