portrait of four business executives standing in an office

portrait of four business executives standing in an office

Introduction of Banque Postale

Banque Postale was founded in 2005, this is just an extension of the services offered by mail, a historical actor collection, filling and distribution of home loans with prior savings. This bank has purposes to carry on its balance sheet of all customer deposits on the one hand and on the other credits. For first outlet for unfair competition, the European commission decided to validate the creation of institution. Go here to learn more about service client contacter.
How to file a claim with the Banque Postale?

To file a complaint about uses of the product or the service of the Banque Postale, you can visit or contact the agency of Banque Poastale. If you contact by phone, you will directly get live assistance. And it is also possible to send secure email from the Bank’s website. However, If you are not a customer of this bank, you have to go to the post office or send your complaint by Email or you can also call the customer service number Banque Postale available on the site. In the other hands, for disagreement case, the Bank will agree to take into the request account to meet at the latest within 10 days from receipt of the request.

Banque Postale Hotline

If there are no solutions to emerge with customer service, recourse to mediation is indispensable. The latter will be made with a decision impartially, taking into account the record of both parties. Moreover, you can make the account to make transaction on the secure website of the Postal bank. You can access the account via a username and password than can be used to check over the state of its banking operations. Your password must be strictly personal and not to be disclosed under any circumstances. Besides, Theft or password that is used should be reported as soon as the financial center to get benefits from Banque Postale assistance. And if you want to change your password, you have to visit the Banque Postale site in the “Change Password”. The important thing is you have to disconnect the customer after using the service, this because to avoid a third part perform operations.

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