Close up of approved Credit History form

Close up of approved Credit History form

Apart from daily expenses, people would also encounter necessities that require them a lot of money at certain points in life, like a house or a medical treatment. For many, paying for these needs are not possible without long years of saving up. Therefore, the best way is to take a loan. However, taking a loan is already proven to be difficult since some people are not careful enough in managing their finance. This results in a bad credit record, which does not appeal lenders to be emphatic enough towards them.

Checking and Fixing Credit Report

Your credit report is usually updated daily, weekly, or monthly at the least. In order to minimalize a bad score, it is best to keep in touch with the report several times a year. Everyone is actually granted with a free examination of their records from three bureaus that compile them: Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. This small opportunity is not enough and you must be wondering if there is another free chance or cheaper service than the conventional way. If that question is in your mind, then CafeCredit is the best answer for you. It offers cheap credit score checking with some terms and condition.

Services in CafeCredit uses three different websites to provide its service:,, and the first two ones need you to pay monthly or annually after a week free trial, but it already covers the records from all of the three bureaus while the latter is always free although it only shows records from TransUnion. is $30 per month, but is only $60 per year; making it the best choice for many individuals. After checking their records, visitors of CafeCredit will be able to scrutinize their grade with the guide that is available in the website and read the tips on how to improve their credit score.

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