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Unfair things may happen to anyone, including to a man who has sex with a younger girl consensually. When they both agree to do the activity, there is a case that the man is accused of rape or sexual abuse. Therefore, the Romeo and Juliet law exists to help men under the situation so they will not be labelled as sexual offenders and get unfair punishment now and then. You know, when somebody has the label, it is hard for him to have a decent life.

What is interesting about the application of the law is that not all states agree with it, and the states that accept the rule have different enforcement of it. Here you will see the example, Romeo and Juliet law California:

Age difference

California is one of the states that gives a strict age difference between the offender and victim. While in Texas the age difference cannot exceed 4 years and in Illinois it should not be more than 3 years, here in California the difference cannot be more than 3 years and both need to be minors.

The relief the offender can get

Romeo and Juliet law California cannot free the offender from the guilty sentence, but it can reduce charges and sentences for instance knocking down a felony charge to a misdemeanor one. It is not satisfying, but still it is better to have a misdemeanor in your record than a felony.

Victim’s age and defense

If the offender argues he does not know the age of the victim when they have sex, it can sometimes be taken as a defense in the court of law. Again, sometimes. Be happy if you live in this state as California is one of very few states in America that allows the possibility of the defense.

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