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Applying yourself to get a government free cell phone will probably be easy when you can apply to the total household income. Well, this is actually the simplest way that you can do. You know that the other way to get this free cell phone is by joining the other government offering such as Medicaid, food stamps and other things. However, those are only for the people who really need that. So what are you doing if you are not in one of the government programs? Let’s click here to find out.

Click here to find out the total household income for every state

Qualify yourself as one of the eligible participate to get the government free cell phone is one of the must things to do. And through the total household income, you can find yourself easier to find out either you fit or not.

Basically, every state has its own policy to decide how many percent the total household income that suitable for the government free cell phone. You need to understand that this is a subsidy phone for the people who really need it. So that’s why every household only allowed having one lifeline service for the free cell phone.

What you need to know is that every state usually using 135% for the total household income and this is absolutely limited. It is not all the job who counted for this total household income, not such as babysitting or even lawn mowing. However, not all of them using 135% some states such as Arizona, Florida, Kansas, and Michigan are using 150% for the total household income.

So what you need to do is that you should check out your state and find out how many percentages that they use for the total household income. So let’s try now and not only click here to find out the truth!


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