We may never think that doing a DNA test will be very important for us and our children. However, in fact there are many benefits for us and our children if we do the DNA or Paternity Test. This advantage will greatly affect our life and our children’s life, especially if we are the unmarried parents of a child. It will be better if we make a legal DNA paternity testing, so that we obtain results that will be legally valid. Some of the advantages of doing paternity test are as follows:


  1. Our thoughts will become more calm and peaceful

Paternity test has the result that is more than 99% accurate so that the result is highly reliable. By having it, we will be more confident with the true paternity of our child. We will certainly have a more peaceful life.

  1. Our child owns accurate medical history

If we know the true father of our child, we will know important things about our child’s medical history. If the father of the child or the family of the father of our child has a serious illness, the possibility for our child to have the disease will be very high. Therefore, we can take the necessary steps to prevent it happening to our child.

  1. Gain financial support

In this case, the courts have an important role to ask us to do a legally paternity test. If the results show that the man is a true father of our child, the man must be responsible to give financial support for our child. So we do not need to worry to have financially caring for our child on our own.

  1. Emotional bonds will build more

After learning that the child is really his son, a father will usually be fonder of the child. After doing a paternity test, the father will be sure that the child is his son or daughter and he has a legal right to maintain a relationship with his child.

  1. Our child will know his / her true identity

We’ve all heard of someone who is adopted and never know his or her biological parents. It will be very hard for the child. He or she will always have questions about his or her biological parents. It will disturb his thoughts all the time. When our children know their true identities, they will have a more peaceful life and can accept themselves.


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