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Any companies that we interact with personally will store our data. These data are used for their improvement purposes. The role of our data is more vital in online industries. Each time we have an interaction with an online platform, even if it’s just to click and check about their service, there is a big chance that our data stream is stored for their professional use. Therefore, it is very ethical that a company explains to us in detail about what they will do to our data and what it means for our safety.

Contact Customer Service policy

The website provides a directory of connection services that we can access online. The website collects and uses the data that comes from us to develop their products and services and improve them. We do not need to worry because even if they openly state that they record our data, they are also committed to protecting our privacy and safety. Our data will not be compromised in the process of their business improvement.

The most ethical part of the policy is that they only store information that we enter on their pages. They do not lurk and record our personal information and activities to get our behavior. Normally, it is only the name and email address that we use to send a message to their customer service team will be collected.

The data will be used for various purposes, such as for internal audit, to contact us, to answer our questions and handle our complaints, to prevent fraud activities, to create surveys of customers’ satisfactions, and basically to improve their overall customer service.

Some elements of our personal information will probably be transferred to a third party contractor or agent, but it will not be without reasons. Besides, they guarantee that these third parties also adhere to the same conditions and follow the applicable laws and jurisdictions regarding customers data use.




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