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Do you know that picket fence styles will help you to improve your home into a good one? This cute little thing will definitely be your beautiful design and make your backyard looking great. Can you guess why we talk about picket fence styles for you?

This is because the concept of picket fence styles will never let you boring. The short height and the cute design of it are the two reasons why we choose this style as our topic today.

The wide scalloped picket fence styles

There are tons of designs from picket fence styles that we can choose to make our backyard looking great and avoiding a privacy trespassing from your naughty neighbor. And do you know that one of the common designs from this fence style is the wide scalloped picket fence styles?

It is so wonderful and simple one, though. You know the curve style at the top of this fence is becoming the main characteristic of this design. However, this picket fence style is not suitable for you who want a more private backyard.

The simple and traditional style of this type will make you living in the friendly country nuance. You know for sure that lots of people nowadays getting boring with busy town atmosphere, right? So this mere thing will make you out of the city and make your home in a calm design.

Moreover, you can definitely decorate it with another plantation system. You can bring the green refreshing theme for your white little fence. This is going to rock your backyard impeccably and beautifully.

Oh and don’t forget to apply the lighting fixture system to make it more sparkling at night. It is going to be the sweetest thing ever, right?

So, are you ready for the sweet little picket fence?


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