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Some people might have already heard about some cases where a teenage boy is put into jail after being accused of doing a sexual assault to a girl who is a few years younger than him. What is often unheard is that some of these cases happen although the act is conducted with both people’s agreement. Seeing it from that point of view, the verdict becomes very unfair. In the United States, this can actually be prevented if the lawyer that is hired by the accused is aware of the existence of Romeo and Juliet Law.

What kind of Law is that?

Romeo and Juliet Law is created in order to solve the misunderstanding that happens in sexual assault cases like the example above. It helps those who are accused by reducing the amount of time that they need to spend in prison and cleaning their record from the charge that is put onto them. Generally, all account of sexual assault will result in 10 to 20 years in jail. Furthermore, the accused will have a bad mark on their criminal record, which will stigmatize them.

Is the Law already recognized in California?

Yes, it is already recognized in the California. However, the regulation is different in every state, and those who want to use this law to defend themselves in the court have to understand the circumstances. The age gap between the accused and the accuser cannot be more than three years and they have to be minors. As it is already mentioned before, the application of the Romeo and Juliet Law in California also only decrease the sentence that is given to the accused, not to free them from it. Sometimes, the accused may also use their unawareness of the accuser’s age to defend themselves.

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