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Wood can be said as the most popular material for fences. It is because the price of it and the easier installation. Besides that, the style of the wooden fence is not only one. We could see many styles of wooden fences. We only need to choose one is the best for our yard. Then, the budget for the fences should be carefully planned, so we will have complete fences

The style of the fences

We may know that cedar fence designs are the classic design for the wooden fences. It is because it is the most common style of the wooden fence. People choose this style because the durable is long enough. Then, it is light weight which will be easy on installation. This type of fence is easy to be found in the backyards and suburban neighborhoods use this kind of fences the most.

The stockade fence design could be said for the classic style. This style has historically characterized by the military compounds use. Besides that, it is the basic style of the fence for farmers to confine livestock. In making this fence, we will need boards which are flat or round. Typically, they have pointed tips. On the military and farming, the pointed tips are used for discouraging unwanted people from coming and trespassing. Even though the style of this fence seems extreme, but it will be great in safety.

The wooden fence can be made from bamboo too. The bamboo fences will make a great atmosphere because we will feel like we blend with nature. We could mix of milled wood for making a strong structure. Besides that, it will be great for the compliment of the unique bamboo fence. We could try this fence for our backyard.

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