What is man cave? It is like bat cave of Batman but for it is for man. As Batman uses his bat cave to hide all his Batman stuff, man cave can help us to hide from the real world for a while. This man cave could the private space for man. Sometimes, we will need some space whether for work or entertainment. Then, we should design the man cave for our own. Then, all we need is to fill the cave with some furniture or decoration. We need to know the must items to make our man cave a cool place to hang out.


The recliner should be the first thing that we get to our man cave. This kind of chair will help us get the comfort that we need. We will enjoy watching TV or sports on this recliner. It will help us to relax.


After we get the recliner, we need to get TV. It is the number one entertainment that we will get to the man cave. As a man, we may want to see football on Sunday or any sports matches without missing or disturbing. Then, watching sports TV can be more enjoyable.

Bar and Fridge

When we have a man cave, we will need to have fridge and bar. It could help us for not getting to other room to get water or beers. By having fridge and bar, we could store foods and drinks. We will need those when we watch TV or games.

Pool table

Sometimes, having a TV is not enough for the man cave. A pool table could make us have more activities than watching TV. For men, the pool table is one of the forms of the entertainment. It will be fun to have it at man cave.


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