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You must be known about Keren Ben Ami Photography. As one of the high-quality photographer in Los Angeles, this photography service will help you to look like a superstar. However, how is about the payment rate? It will not break your leg! For sure, you will love it and think that it is very affordable.

The Rate of Keren Ben Ami Service

In Keren Ben Ami, you have to pay $350.00 for two looks and four retouched images. The more expensive price is for three looks and six retouched images, which is $450.00. The more Looks you need and the more retouched images included, you have to pay more too. The most expensive one is $550.00. Therefore, is there any makeup and hair do service? Sure, there is. For women makeup and hair does, the rate is $150.00, and for men is cheaper than it is, which is $100.00. How is about the result of them?

If you curious about the result of this photography service, you can read the KARMA in the website of Keren Ben Ami. What is the website? Kerenbenami.com is the website and the place for you to know more about this photography company service. For women, you can choose the Theatrical or Commercial service. To make the better appointment and service, you can fill the pre-shoot questionnaire and check out some tips in its website. Some tips are in this website. You can check one by one of it and read more about it in the website. Besides, you will get plenty information about it and get the best decision ever after you read the comments and some information about the best spot of photography. What are you waiting for? Let you make your own photo shots with Keren Ben Ami.

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