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The coaster is one of the items at home which we usually use it. It is usually used it for protection in wooden furniture. But, the function of coaster could be more than that now. It could be decoration when we have it on fancy design. Otherwise, we could make custom coasters with fancy design and materials. If we are interesting to make custom coasters for gifts or souvenirs, we could go to love coasters. This online store offers many kinds of coasters.

Stone coaster

Stone is a strong material and it could hold the heat. It will be good for coasters. It could make a charmed and durable coaster. The stone coasters from this online store are able to order on the custom shape and printed. This type of coasters could make people amaze if we use it for souvenirs and gifts for our business promotion.

Rubber coasters

Besides stones, we could make rubber coasters for our custom coasters. It will be beautiful and useful at the same time. Rubber coasters will make great souvenirs and gifts. The materials will be easy to be designed and printed in full color. The rubber which is used for making coasters is the black recycled one. It can be shaped in wide variety range. For promotion items, it will be perfect.

Pulpboard coasters

If we promote our business for beer drinkers, we could use the pulp board coasters. Generally, in public, the pulp board coaster is still the most popular one. It has been used in restaurants, bars, and club. Then, we could use it to reach a wide range of customers. Besides that, this kind of coasters will be great for promotion because it will have unlimited uses. We can order custom pulp board coasters in this online store.


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