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Real hair extensions do have their own benefits and advantages, but most people dislike the price factor. A real hair extension can cost you more than $150. A higher-quality extension can even go up to more than $200 although it has more benefits when compared to the synthetic extension.


The Price Factor for Real Hair Extension

So, what’s the fuss with real hair extension, anyway? Why is it so expensive? It all comes down to the collecting process. When compared to a synthetic hair extension, the real hair extension is pricier because it is made of real human hair, which means that the hair is stronger and more resilient. Unlike the synthetic extension, the real human extension can be styled up according to your like. You can curl it, wave it, and straighten it. You can do these things to the synthetic extension, but it will be damaged after several treatments – it is a guarantee.

Different Types of Real Hair Extensions

Real human hair extensions are also available in different types, such as the regular extension and the virgin type. In the regular hair extension, the hair will be likely collected from the hair salon floors from many donors. They have to go through a process, called as the acid bath that will ‘prepare’ and treat the hair before the sales. Sure, the regular human hair extension is better than the synthetic one, but it is below the virgin extension quality.


Virgin hair extension is the hair that is collected from one donor only and the condition is pure without being treated or processed. It has never been dyed, colored, curled, or such thing before, making sure that the hair comes in very intact and perfect condition. It is no wonder that such hair extension is more expensive because the quality and the process are made sure to be very strict and controlled.


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