If you used to be kids who grew up in 90’s, I am sure that you are familiar Mahjong games. You can find Mahjong games free trial on your windows PC back then, and at some level you will need to purchase the full game version to continue playing. For those who are not familiar with Mahjong game, yet, well, it is one of the most addicting game that you can find. It may be looked old-fashioned game, but trust me once you play it, it will never be that easy to complete the whole board.

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How to play Mahjong? You only need to simply click 2 exposed tiles with matching symbols (or for the same category, in the cases of the seasons, weather, and flowers) in order to remove them from the board and expose the tiles that they were blocking. Or else, you may have to click away at stacks that are shaped like animals, symbols, patterns or colors. At some higher level, you will need to match two tiles that must be made across different colors. It will train the way your brain works to memorize things such as colors, patterns and symbols.

In addition, you can never say that you are smart if you are not able to remove every tiles of the board. If you think the background of the game is boring, well, you are wrong because today you can gave more variation in the background such as playing Mahjong in the bamboo forest or in the realms of the fantasy. Here are the types of games that you can download games in Mahjong category, as listed below:

  • Mahjong Express
  • Mahjong Quest
  • Mahjong Mania
  • Mahjong World Contest
  • Power Mahjong: The Journey of Panda
  • Mahjong Relax
  • Mahjong everyday
  • And many more

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