Have you tried to play Bru-Bag with your friends? If you have not, you had better doing it today as this game will bring you lots of fun. By combining Cornhole rules and beer pong ones, Bru-Bag is an easy-to-play game that everybody loves thus no one will say no when you ask them to play it with you. Go to the yard, prepare the boards, bean bags and wood covers then take your time! See how good you toss the bag until you win the game.


The game sounds interesting and I want to get the game set, how can I do that? As Bru-Bag is quite popular, it is not hard to find the game set. You can find it in stores although purchasing it directly from the website is the best way as you can make an order from anywhere, even when you are not in the US. The plus is that you are able to get a better price here; wonderful. By the way, what Bru-Bag’s equipment that you can get online?

Bru-Bag game sets

Of course, all the equipment is sold in one set so when you order Bru-Bag from the website, you are going to get 2 game boards with six holes each, twelve wood covers for the boards and also bean bags in blue and yellow. The game set varies in the number of the bean bags depending on the people who can play the game. Choose which game set that you need, the classic set, team player, minor league, or social club package.

Bean bags

If there is one thing of Bru-Bag that is very similar to Cornhole, it will be the bean bags. In Cornhole, you are going to use bean bags with corn inside; Bru-Bag calls it as traditional bags. Interestingly, you have another option of bean bags namely weather proof bags that contain plastic pellets. Both types are nice and durable so it is just about your preference.

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