Need luxury chess pieces recommendation? Okay. Here, we give you the French Warrior luxury chess set. Let’s start with some details.


  • King: 4.9 inches (height), 1.9 inches (base)
  • Queen: 4 inches (height), 1.8 inches (base)
  • Bishop: 3.5 inches (height), 1.6 inches (base)
  • Knight: 3.2 inches (height), 1.6 inches (base)
  • Rook: 2.8 inches (height), 1.6 inches (base)
  • Pawn: 2.4 inches (height), 1.4 inches (base)

The total weight of these chess pieces is 2100 grams. The recommended square size of the board is 55 mm.

About the set

The French Warrior Series weighted luxurious chess pieces offers a proudly standing 4.9 inches King with 1.9 inches base. All of the pieces come with a iron stud within their bases. Each of the pieces also comes with thick green felt, located on their bases. The lighter chess pieces are made from box wood while the darker pieces are made from bud rose wood.

Design and build quality

All of the pieces in this Series have hand-selected thick, green felt that provides stability and luxurious feel. High-quality polish is used on each of the pieces. Indeed. There are several layers of polish coating on each of the pieces. The details on the pieces are also excellent. It makes the pieces look brilliant.

The chess pieces in this set are hand-polished, hand-weighted and come with thick green felt base pads. As the pieces are made with most advanced weighting system technique, which allows the use of a minimum amount of material with the same level of weighting, the possibility of cracks are significantly reduced.

These luxury chess pieces are for someone who is looking for luxurious, sturdy yet stable chess pieces. So if you are one, you should check this set out.


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