Exploit the glitch right away

NBA 2K17 VC glitch is just like the two side of coins. For the players, the VC glitch is like a blessing. On the other hand, VC glitch is considered a bug for the developer. Therefore, no wonder that the 2K Games side always fix the glitch in the next official patch whenever they found it. So, make use the VC glitch right away when you find any glitch inside the game to improve your game.

Just like in the previous version, NBA 2K16, for the upcoming NBA 2K17 is rumored to have the same VC glitch. For instance, you can get free 600 VC anytime when you play under My Career mode in at least Hall of Fame difficulty. Notice that you need to set each quarter time on 6 or 12 minutes. You can repeat this step as much as you can and obtain free VC that cost you nothing. If you decide to play the NBA 2K17 game try to start the game in my career mode, the try to set the difficulty about 12 minuted and wait until you get VC about 400 to 800 VC each time. My career process is not took long, it is very fast and the work is under 2 minutes. There are lots of top player start the game use my career mode, because it is remain the easiest way.

Why you should use the NBA 2K17 Unlimited VC Glitch

The NBA 2K17 Unlimited VC Glitch is a one way to get unlimited access of the virtual currency. The NBA 2K17 Unlimited VC Glitch used to buy an item, buy character and also you can use to upgrade your gear or tools. That’s why lots of the NBA fans really excited about this game.



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