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Do you ever get “stopped mood” and suddenly meet boredom and then you feel stuck to get a new idea? Yes, it is a real problem when you have met it when you are in deadline thing. Imagine where you have to finish your creative work but you suddenly get the bad mood and you need to boost your mood. Indeed, there are many things to boost our mood like drinking hot chocolate or drink mineral water as much as we can but sometimes it is not enough. When we have been so stuck, we need to refresh our mind like playing video or just seeing the picture from our desktop so we can be boosted. A picture that has been set to desktop or window desk is called wallpaper and actually everyone has known this kind of thing in PC or monitor. Some people believe that setting the wallpaper can boost mood in working.

How does it work?

There is a research that is actually making sense to support a statement that wallpaper can really boost mood and spirit in working or doing tasks. Colors in a picture can send a good command to our brain. When you see your favorite color or favorite picture, it will send a direction to the brain that you like it so the brain will command back that it is delightful to have such a picture that can improve mood and spirit. Wallpaper is one of the reasons why now people seem to be racing to provide high definition wallpaper. Everyone is excited to get their new wallpaper like every day. It depends on trending. When you have loved Deadpool movies or Civil War, you might download that title for your wallpaper. Sometimes you only need to tell to the search bar or engine about what you like, and it will be displayed more than billions kind of picture for HD wallpapers.

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