People are often dismissing some innovation simply because it’s not great enough in their mind. Or worse, it’s not popular enough. The biased popularity standard is still being held by most people. There’s no helping that, but there are ways to recognize some of the underrated or obscure ideas to the light. The easiest would be repackaging or infusing it with another function and create something that look entirely new.

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Recognizing The Voice

It’s okay if you hardly realize how most apps in gadget for men nowadays always feature a voice function. What you did not know was that this feature has been there for decades. It was part of the ease of access feature, something that most people dismiss because they hardly need it. Now of course, in gadget for men, this specific feature is upgraded and now became a prominent and most used feature.

Technically, Drawing By Hand

Gadget for men that based on the ability to recognize the handwriting or hand drawing done on the tablet is actually rehashing an old idea. Stop thinking that able to recognize your rushed note is a very advanced feature on your tablet. It’s totally not. There’s no real record on when this feature started to be implemented by gadget for men. But if you remember that even decades ago, you were already able to draw a doodle on your old computer.

These two are just examples for features on gadgets for men that we used to consider as trivial and unnecessary. But now it has evolved and proven as something inseparable from the future. More innovations are sharing the same fate; music sharing social media like MySpace inspired some of their users to create a music sharing platform like Spotify and LastFM. And right now, people prefer to stream their audio and save it in their profile’s cloud instead of filling their hard drives.

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