Attractions Near Holiday Inn San AntonioIf you spend your weekend having a business meeting in Holiday Inn San Antonio, you must celebrate it. Apart from being a totally comfortable hotel, Holiday Inn San Antonio is located near many interesting tourism attractions. You don’t have to spend the Saturday night playing Dota or Neverwinter on your laptop, although the internet connection is perfect for such geeky activities.

Six Flags Fiesta

sixHoliday Inn San Antonio is near Six Flags Fiesta Texas. Even though it is a popular theme park for the family, I usually visit it with my colleagues and friends. Trust me, its fun. You will get all the thrill with their extreme rides.

You must try doing the roller coaster run. There are nine roller coasters in the attraction park. Those rides have different heights and types, ranging from kids roller coaster to Batman: The Ride which is very scary. If you are not into going up and down fast on coaster track, you can try other interesting rides and events.

The Majestic Theater

Majestic TheatreIf getting on terrifying rides is not your kind of fun, or you think it is very childish, you definitely must try visiting the Majestic Theater. The theater is not far from Holiday Inn San Antonio. You can spend the day being deep watching and enjoying the shows.

The Majestic Theater was constructed in 1929. This fact alone makes the building worth to visit. It is built in a unique architecture, combining new and old in the same palette. You will find movies, musical shows, and even live comedy shows performed in the theater.

If you are not confident about your navigation skill, you can ask the staff at Holiday Inn San Antonio. Explore the city after you have your free breakfast. If you’re not sure where to eat for dinner, you can always come back to the hotel in the evening.

 Kem’s, which is the restaurant inside Holiday Inn San Antonio, has a bar and lounge, too. You can relax and socialize there after a tiring day of meeting or exploring.

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