Are you currently travelling around the world and then need online booking that is affordable to your current budget? There are many ways to reach it. Despite there are many websites that provide hotel online booking but many of them are limited in linking the online hotel booking with the hotel. So the price range is limited to. One of the best ways to improve comparation to find the most affordable hotel with good deals, we need a search engine that can provide rough and through comparison that can be seen widely. There is Trivago, a startup that is well known as biggest search engine for booking hotel purpose. It can give us good comparison from one website online hotel booking provider to other providers.


The advantages

Trivago is indeed great for online searching for hotel booking. It is different from where we book online through Agoda or others where it has no wide exposure of the comparison on the price. This search engine will give wider result from many websites than we can compare one by one between the price and the package. It will be great for backpacker who has low budget on booking hotel. However this search engine comes with good filtering that will let the travelers choose what kind of hotel and room they look for and what price suit to the available service.

Another thing we can find from Trivago is its deep review from users with the real taken photos related to hotel we will book and some reviews are very reliable. So it is not only the comparison on filtering but the real review that can really help us to decide which hotel we will book. Besides, the detail of hotel will also come in the search result so it can give us little description about the place and how far if we go to the booked hotel we choose.

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