Are you planning to travel around Singapore, Malaysia, or Indonesia this summer?

Easybook is the service that will help you a lot. It offers a way to search, find, and book bus tickets easily for trips around these countries. If you haven’t used it before, you need to try it now. The steps are very easy.

Search the Trip

First of all, just search your trips on the Where do you want to go? Are you planning to visit Genting and enjoy its beauty? Do you want to go to Sumatera from Bali and have a tour around the island? Select the origin of your journey: where do you depart from. Next, select where your destination is. Then, specify the date and time of you planned departure and when you plan to go home. The service also offers a way so that you can see only the coach company that you prefer in case you are a big fan of a certain company. Finally, you just have to click the search button.

After that, you will see a number of available trips in the form of a list. The information that is displayed include depart time, the bus routes, the coach company, the seats, and the ticket price for both adult and child. You can also check the rating of the trip. It is shown with stars. The more stars a trip has, the better the reputation is according to its customers.

After the information appears, just select the tripe that suits you the best then choose the seat number that you prefer to sit on.


Pay for the Trip

Next, you just have to fill a few more details. The fields include Ticket Collector Info, Discount Cod, and Journey and Payment. Don’t forget to fill in the correct name, address and contact number.

Next, you can select from the various payment options such as by internet banking, credit card and cash. The cash can only be paid in 7-Eleven stores. After putting a tick to the agreement statement and completing the verification process, the last step is to click Pay Now.

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