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Trekking is a real fun thing to do. You can do it every month or if you really love it, every weekend. You can go to a national park and do it there, or if you’re lucky enough, you even can do it at your backyard. Trekking can be done alone or in group, depending on your expertise. However, it’s always suggested to do it in a group. Anyway, have you considered of Trekking Vietnam?

It’s not Camping

A lot of people confused camping with trekking. Both are nature related activities but trekking doesn’t necessarily require you to spend the night outdoor. Time needed for trekking ranged from a couple hours to one whole day. Anyhow, there are a lot of reasons why you should try Vietnam as your trekking destination. First and foremost, most of Vietnam’s wilderness is still natural and hardly touched. Of course, there are some spots that already converted for tourism purposes. Just choose one that suits your skill better.

Vietnam is Dangerous?

Trekking anywhere can be very dangerous. You’ll never know what kind of wild animals you might see. Also, with Vietnam’s history on war which happened almost fifty years ago, you need to be extra careful for hidden landmines. Now, now, don’t be afraid and change your mind. You can always ask around for a safer trekking route.

You can use trekking as a way to get more involved with the nature. After all, the view will spoil you to the most. Just be wise and choose trekking route that you know you can do well. Even if you are already an expert trekker, you still should go in a group of two or three people at the very least. This way, when something happened to you or your team mate, it could be treated promptly.

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