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You only live once. That’s the common motto for those who never spend their holiday to go abroad. Thinking where to go, how to pay is just bunch of matters that you know to go with. When you have a will to go somewhere you want to explore, there will be a way. No matter how you will save your money to go. Having strong will is such a good start for traveler or backpacker. You can try visiting the cheapest ones. If you live in Asia, South East Asian countries are the best answer. Even when you are not from Asia, feel the difference there. The reason why you have to go there is the distance that you can reach from certain weeks to explore all tens of the member in ASEAN. The best pick may come from the combination between Singapore and Indonesia.Let’s find out more about the ferry ticket to Batam island.

Sailing for holiday

Indeed, there are many places you can go sailing. The best combination is Singapore and Batam of Indonesia. First, Singapore is a country all tourist want to go by its great management of cities and old cultures and the second; Indonesia is the great country with its incredible nature. Sometimes, you can never imagine going both modern cultural country with a superb natural country like Batam with a bunch of beaches. To go there, you can only need ferry ticket from Harborfront to Batam Center. You can book it through Easybook and choose the time of departure that you can match it to the schedule from major city to the harbor. If you don’t have any idea to go from cities to Harbor, find route both trains and buses. Once you find it interesting, you will be addicted to going to Batam with the batam ferry. There will be memorable of the journey from the way you start from the harbor to Batam with an incredible natural view.


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