Want to know more things you should do in Tioman Island? Here are the things you’d want to do on the island.

Get awesome gifts for your loved ones

Tioman Island has not only the best souvenirs but also other delicate items which you can buy and take back home for your loved ones. There are a few malls located in the vicinity. However, if you want to experience the true Tioman, Salang village, and its local shops has the best kind of items you buy for yourself and take back home for your loved ones. You want to visit Air Batang as well, where there are plenty of shops to buy gifts and souvenirs.

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You can go sightseeing in Tioman. Take pictures which are definitely worth bragging about. Moderate temperature, cool breeze, friendly locals, the area is rich in culture. You can just roam around in the streets or go jungle trekking. Indeed. There are plenty of sightseeing opportunities for tourists.

Some best places for sightseeing are Air Batang, Juara, Mukut, Nipah, Salang and Tekek Village.

Enjoy the nightlife

At the end of the day, every tourist likes to party as well as explore the nightlife which the island has to offer. Although Malaysia is certainly not dull in that particular thought, Tioman Island is peaceful and is a little slow on that part. Yes, you might not find nightlife activities with the likes of Kuala Lumpur or Singapore. That being said, there are places you can visit to enjoy the island’s nightlife. For instance, visiting a beach bar. Or, you can go camp and star gazing.

Are you in Singapore and want to visit Tioman Island? You can take a bus from Singapore to Tioman Island. All you need to do is to contact us and you will be there in no time.


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