Most of the countries in Asia are located quite close to one another. If you want to travel from Indonesia to Singapore, for instance, you can travel by plane, by ferry, or by car. If you want to travel from Singapore to Malaysia, you can also use the bus, the car rental, or the plane – everything is up to you. However, you should know that traveling by bus has its own perks and advantages, so you may want to consider your option.

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Why Traveling by Bus?

So, why should you travel by bus? Well, first of all, bus fare is definitely less expensive when compared to the plane tickets. You can choose a bus fleet with a very low price tag but if you want more service and amenities, it is going to cost you more. Nevertheless, the bus ticket is more affordable and economical when compared to the plane ticket.

Second, why wasting your money for a relatively short journey. If you travel from Singapore to Malacca, for instance, it is only going to take you 4 to 5 hours and not more – depending on the traffic. You won’t have to spend a day on the road. Sure, if you are in a hurry, you can always use the plane which may take you an hour (or even less). But the plane ticket is more expensive and you are spending a good deal of money for such a short trip.

Third, there is an online traveling management service that can help you with your travel. If you want to manage the bus from Melaka to Singapore by EasyBook, you don’t have to worry about not getting the tickets to your destination. Managing your trip is also easy because everything is run and managed through the online system.

So, if you are interested, feel free to come to and take a look around. You will find that reserving the bus ticket is easier than before.


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