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It takes about 5 to 7 hours to go from KL to Singapore by bus. However, it depends on the traffic. Some bus services stop at the customs checkpoint and it often to stop at JB. Some services offer an express service, which they only stop at customs. Another of the bus service will stop for refreshment break in around 20 minutes on the route. The service of the bus from KL to Singapore is perfect when they also offer the full reclining seat and air conditioning with onboard toilets. Therefore, you will be more comfortable during the journey.

Select Your Bus

Only in http://www.easybook.com/bus-kl-singapore, you can select the bus you love with its perfect facilities. The easy online booking is here too with the wide area to cover. If you are looking for the new Nice Executive service, you also can get it here. The Blue ICE infotainment system, as well as 4G WI-Fi internet connection on board, will make your journey go faster than you thought. Another facility by each bus can be found in the easybook website. The entertaining equipment will accompany you during the journey. Do you have other things to doubt?

Discussing the ticket price, you do not need to doubt. You can get the same price as the counter although sometimes it will be 0.001% higher than the counter. All of it will be less meaning because you do not need to waste your time and energy to come to the bus counter. You do not need to be hurry to queue to get the ticket. You will not miss the ticket if you arrange your journey in perfect assumption. Whether you cancel it, easybook.com will give you the refund. Is there anywhere else you can find this service?



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