Have you ever go to Ipoh? This nice city is one of the biggest city in Malaysia. It is also the capital city of Perak. What you can get from Ipoh? Here you can find the fascinating old buildings those are so great to be taken in photos. There is also an interesting place such as Tambun Cave Painting. Mentioned so because this place is decorated with many old drawings. The age of those drawings is about 3.000 years old. Lt. RL. Rawlings have found those drawings in 1959. Some years later, those drawings were declared as a national heritage. There you can see a dugong, sketches of octopus also arrows. There are also pregnant deer, tortoise, and other interesting drawings.

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Road Trip to Ipoh

If you are a history lover, you can also learn history in Ipoh. There are some historic buildings which you can visit in your great holiday. The first historic building is Birch Memorial Clocktower. This adorable clock tower was dedicated for the first British Resident Minister. A local Malay has been murdered him in the past.

The next historic building is Ipoh Heritage Trail. By joining this tour, you can learn about the pre-World War II by seeing the colonial buildings for 2-3 three hours. To get this priceless experience you have to pay Rm 30/ person. Not every day you can join this tour, it is only for Saturday ar 8 am. Let’s join this tour and get new knowledge for your family.

You can make a destination from Singapore to Ipoh by plane or bus. If you want a different experience in your holiday, maybe you can consider choosing bus as your public transportation to go to Ipoh. The bus also provides the return trip from Ipoh to Singapore. So what are you waiting for? Enjoy the great holiday in Ipoh.


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