If you are setting up an ecommerce store, there is a possibility that you are going to need hosting sites especially a Magento hosting server. Sadly, those fancy Magento servers are mostly expensive and unlikely to be affordable. Finding the cheap version of them in the online world is just like looking for a needle in a haystack. Lucky for you, we have just the right answer for you when it comes to cheap Magento hosting server sites. In these following paragraphs, we will present you two different Magento hosting servers that won’t empty your wallet.

The ever inexpensive site ground

Site ground is always a great choice as it is one of the most popular choices of Magento hosting server. The main reason for that is because it is one of the cheapest hosting servers that you might encounter with such a great set of features. With just a four dollar per month, you get to have a server that can handle seventy milliseconds per fifty incoming users. With an unlimited bandwidth, you are ensured to have a smooth running ecommerce website whether you live in America, the European Union, or one of the vast Asian countries.

cheap magento hosting

The cheap liquid web

Just like the previous website, liquid web is also famous for being inexpensive especially among small companies. Their four dollar per month subscription price is definitely affordable for anyone looking to start a new ecommerce company. Unlike the site ground, liquid we is slightly fancier as it contain features that the site ground does not fully master. For instance, it has a choice between the shared and the dedicated server. The dedicated server comes with a 24/7 customer assistance along with the PCI compliance features. If you want to have liquid web as your main hosting server, you need to go check out their site now.

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